Serving You

At Wealth By Design, LLC, your team will help you optimize your financial possibilities as you unfold this new season of life potential.  There is a profound shift that takes place as you transition into the fall of your life, and we are here to guide you through your retirement financial life plan. This holistic approach integrates all aspects of your life with the financial tools and life resources you have. We help you banish fear, savor hope, and avoid regret as you make the most of this beautiful season of life.

While we cannot serve everyone, those that work with us reconnect with all their financial tools, understand how to use them in maximizing their potential success for creating liquidity, enjoying lifestyle, embracing longevity, and creating legacies. Our ideal client will:

  • Seeks, respects, and follows professional advice (CPA, Attorney, Financial Consultant, etc.) so they can be free to pursue a higher quality of life.
  • Has a values-centered life which guides their decisions about financial choices.
  • Has a positive attitude about life, looks for the best in people, and has a strong desire to seek health in all areas (physical, spiritual, relational, financial)

We believe that your financial resources should enhance your life path, not control it. Explore the links and services along the right side of this page, or contact us to determine how we can walk alongside you. From aligning your spending plan with your values, your investment choices, comprehensive wealth management, risk analysis and legacy planning – you have a personal growth opportunity. As you work through this process, you will find greater fulfillment personally, professionally and spiritually. You will work towards greater financial satisfaction. You will be proactive and engaged on your journey, no matter what twists and turns you encounter.

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