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At Wealth By Design, we help you optimize financial possibilities as you unfold life’s potential as you enter your unique version of “retirement.” We want to get to know you!


Are you considering a transition in the next 5-10 years?  Our Journey of Financial Health™-Pre-Retirement (below) and our service levels for Investment Management is for you.

Have you already crossed over that line known as “retirement” and are curious how to optimize the financial resources you worked hard to build?  Our Second Mountain Journey is a great way to give you peace of mind in creating your unique version of wealth.

We know we can’t work with everyone, so the fit needs to be right for both of us. When you are ready to meet us and allow us to get to know you, e-mail or call Molly to set up a exploration meeting. Molly will gather some basic information and send you a bit of reflective “homework” to prepare for this meeting.

The exploration meeting is a time to get to know each other. Talking about finances can be a bit uncomfortable—it is our job to put you at ease in a safe, comfortable setting. This first meeting will guide us in determining how we can best assist you. You will feel confident that you have an advocate and educator to walk alongside you as you look forward to retirement or as you move into and through your fall season of life.

Learn more about how to start your Journey of Financial Health™-Pre Retirement or Second Mountain Journey below, or call us at (970) 927-3909 and we will assist you in unfolding and implementing your vision of the “rich life.”

Journey of Financial Health™ – Pre-Retirement

Embark on your personal “Journey of Financial Health™- Pre-Retirement.” This adventure starts with EXPLORATION. Start with the Journey of Financial Health Map as we get acquainted and learn about your needs, aspirations, and concerns. We will share our process and determine a direction for our time together.

We will then ENGAGE you in your journey. We will walk alongside you as you reflect on and clarify your life values, as you define your “true wealth” and look at who is affected by your financial decisions. Fill out our Financial Satisfaction Survey as a tool to help us guide you through your journey.

You will ENVISION your ideal life, refining and prioritizing your personal and financial objectives. We gather information about your financial resources and unpack the options and opportunities to use them creatively and resourcefully. You can utilize our Life Transition Survey to track how you envision your financial future.

You will be ENLIGHTENED as we work together, providing insights and education for you to create the financial framework that will align with your values.

You will be EMPOWERED as we craft a personalized program over the year to keep your financial trajectory heading in a direction that increases your level of fiscal satisfaction. Learn more about our Advisory Services to start your Journey of Financial Health™, or check out our Investment Management page for more information.

Your personal investment will be between $3,000 and $15,000 depending on the complexity of your situation.  ½ upon engagement and ½ at plan delivery.

Second Mountain Journey – Retirees

Time to scale the Second Mountain in life (formerly called retirement)?  This Adventure starts with EXPLORATION.  We listen to where you currently are on your journey and what opportunities or concerns you have regarding your financial life.  You will get acquainted with our team, our process and unique style of guiding you.  We will determine the best route for working together.

As we work together, you will be ENGAGED in the process.  This is your journey, unique to you and your input is paramount.  We need the financial details alongside the what and the why you ENVISION to accomplish or dream of doing.

You will be EDUCATED and ENLIGHTED as we work together, bringing our financial expertise and your desires together to optimize your resources.  We can advise you in how to create cash flow, mitigate tax implications, manage portfolio risk, facilitate philanthropic intentions, and orchestrate family conversations.

You will feel EMPOWERED as we craft a personalized program to keep your financial trajectory heading in a direction that increases your level of fiscal satisfaction.  We can bring our Investment Management tools to the table if you want to work with us on a ongoing basis.

Your personal investment will be between $3,000 and $15,000 depending on the complexity of your situation.  ½ upon engagement and ½ at plan delivery.


For more information contact Molly at (970) 927-3909.

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