Risk Capacity

Could you be stuck in a portfolio that doesn’t align with the facts of your current financial life?

Most portfolios are traditionally built on a subjective risk tolerance questionnaire that will vary depending on what has happened recently in the markets, or how you are feeling that day.

We feel you deserve better!  We look at risk with three components in mind for you:

    • Risk Capacity – Your ability to take risk based on the facts of your current life situation.
    • Risk Preference – How much risk you are willing to take based on your preferences and investment experience.
    • Portfolio Risk –  A calculation of the assets of your portfolio and how much risk exposure you have.

With this unique construction of assessing a broader scope of risk, you will have an objective view of where your current portfolio falls within your personalized risk band.

A ten minute investment of your time will provide you with clearer perspective on how your investment portfolio could be positioned given the facts your current life circumstances.

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