You are building momentum. 

You benefit by knowing that you are doing what you can with various tools, techniques and temperaments to keep you headed in the right direction. 

Your vision of true wealth is unique to you and you will have a professional advocate walking alongside you to discern and direct you on your Journey of financial health.

Price for the Journey of Financial Health™, based on complexity of planning scope of service – between $3,000 – $4,000. ½ up front ½ upon plan delivery.

After completing the Journey of Financial Health, you will have access to the Money Guide Pro portal to review goals, see recommendations and the “play zone”. You can address “what are you afraid of” elements and explore the Recommended plan scenario in more detail.

The cost for managing your investments at the Creek level is .0958% charged in arrears based on market value of accounts at month end.  The minimum annual cost is $5,000.  Your service level is based on complexity of your financial life strategic planning needs after the Journey of Financial Health and will be reviewed annually.

Money Management Implementation and Oversight:


You benefit from a personalized investment strategy that incorporates asset allocation, portfolio design, manager selection, portfolio construction, risk and tax management. You have access to creating a mandate for Socially responsible investing. Included at this level:

➢ Annual Risk tolerance analysis and review

➢ Annual Asset allocation review in conjunction with risk tolerance score

➢ Quarterly rebalancing

➢ Tax gain/loss harvesting in tax managed accounts

➢Investment strategies include mutual funds, ETF, SRI ETF, bond ladder opportunities and individual stock portfolios ($250,000+)

One Personalized meeting per year customized to cover up to two of the below topics :

❖ 1 hour phone call

❖ Cash flow review

❖ Investment review

❖ Beneficiary review

❖ Goals and objectives review

❖ Retirement distribution strategies (coordinating assets)

❖ Required minimum distribution calculations

❖ Tax return review (basic strategy suggestions)

❖ Education funding planning for self, children or grandchildren.

Also included are:

  • Collaboration with other advisory professionals (CPA, attorney, life or business coach) unlimited emails.
  • Birthday breakfast or lunch with guest
  • Quarterly market update
  • Access to Wealth By Design proprietary content







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